Thursday, September 29

So Much Eye Candy!!

I walked through the mall this morning and snapped these shots to show you what you're missing out on if you haven't been in lately. 

I hope this has inspired you enough to come in and see for yourself. 
And don't forget, Sunday October 2nd, is the last day of our Fall Premier show.  Don't wait until next week or you'll be sorry! 

And while you're here, check out our salvage garden area in the back. 
 It's full of fresh plants, lavender, statuary, garden furniture and much more!

See you soon!


Thursday, September 22

Our Indian Summer is Coming to an End

And soon, the autumn leaves will be falling.  As much as I hate to see the hot sunny days getting farther and fewer in between, I love the fall colors and the crispness in the air. 

It means fires in the fireplace and upcoming holidays.  All the comforts of home.

Our Fall Premier Show continues through October 2nd
so come on in for autumn decorating ideas.
One of our featured guests is
Vintage Station
They have lots of Halloween decor (which I didn't unfortunately capture in these shots
 Check out their blog for more pictures and their shop in Gresham!

See you soon!


Monday, September 19

Fall is in Full Bloom at Monticello

  It's been crazy busy around here as our Fall Premier Show continues through October 2nd.  But in addition to our show, the mall is packed full of great stuff too.  The dealers have been busy bringing in great finds all week.  Take a look...

We're open everyday!

Monticello Antique Marketplace
8600 SE Stark
Portland, Oregon 97216
503 256-8600

The place to come for ideas and inspiration
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Thursday, September 15

FOLK & Flea Market Style Magazines Are Here!

Because we're so proud of our BARN HOUSE boys, we're announcing the arrival of the new FOLK magazine featuring The Boys of Barn House!  Hurry in and get your copy while they last. 

See the fabulous wingback burlap chair Joe is sitting in?  It's for sale at Monticello in the Fall show and it can be yours!

If you went to their BARN HOUSE Vintage Flea Market in July, you may see yourself in the magazine too!  Lots of great pictures!

Congratulations Joe & Jermonne!

And in other news and just as exciting...
Monticello was voted the number ONE best Antique Mall in Oregon by none other than
Flea Market Style Magazine
How kool is that! 
Thank you Flea Market Style! 
You can also purchase this magazine here at Monticello.

Our Fall Show is in full swing so stop in and see what's new!

We're open everyday!

Monday, September 12

Sweet Garden Shed in The House...

Aaaahh...the possibilities and the many uses you could turn this into.  This sweet little garden shed is in the house at Monticello and ready to be transported to where ever you want it!

It measures 12 feet long and 5 feet deep and includes a double sink, trellis, shelving and planter boxes!

This can be yours for $2,850 plus delivery & setup.  Come in and see for yourself or give us a call at 503 256-8600 or email us with questions at

And don't forget, our Fall Premier show runs through October 2nd and it's being restocked daily!


Sunday, September 11


What a fantastic turnout we've had!  The Fall Premier show is in full swing and I mean to tell ya, it's been swinging!  The doors opened on Friday and our lovely happy customers came and  just kept coming.   A big gracious thank you to everyone for making the Premier so successful.  And a special thanks to those who came all the way from Texas, Arizona, Idaho, California and Seattle.

If you haven't made it in yet, don't feel like you've missed out because the show has already been restocked and they're restocking on a daily basis with more great stuff.  The show runs through October 2nd so you have no excuse for not making it in.  We're open everyday from 10:00~6:00, Sunday until 5:00.  I'll leave you with more peeks of the show but it's best if you come in and see for yourself!  Later....Joyce









At Monticello Antique Marketplace

Where inspiration is found

Thursday, September 8

Fall Premier Show Starts Tomorrow...But You Get Sneak Peeks Today!

I just have to tell ya...what I'm about to show you is just a smidgin of what you'll see on Friday.  There is just soo much to take in and I don't want to give too much away!  These guys have been working their patooties off makin it all pretty for you, so I'll just shut up and show you what I'm talkin about.   Remember, we open at 8:00 and our Cafe opens at 7:00 so come on in and check out our breakfast menu before the show starts. 

Enjoy and I'll see you in the morning!

Presentation is everything!