Monday, June 28

What is it??

Okay, we're having a debate here at Monticello.  Nobody seems to know what he is.  I say he because he has little horns (and a little somethin else attached to him!).  He's not just your typical deer.  I have my guess but I want to see what you come up with.  So come us out here.  What do think.  What is it?  I'll keep you all posted.  

Thursday, June 24

Paris at Monticello

10' Eiffel Tower!, originally uploaded by monticelloantiques.
You don't have to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Come see ours in the Salvage Garden. Wouldn't it look great in a French Garden or display it for a Paris themed wedding! It's 10 feet tall and one-of-a-kind and it could be yours!

Monday, June 14

Is it Summer Yet????

Are you tired of the rainy Summer?  WHAAAaaa!  It's just not fair but I guess we should all be used to it living in the great Pacific Northwest.  Looking on the bright side... if we didn't have all this rain, we wouldn't have all the great mossy, crusty rusty stuff that we love so much.  Like these beautiful old mossy statuaries and rusty cabinet.  Come see our latest treasures in the garden and throughout the mall.  Check out our fabulous Potting Shed!  Enjoy the pictures!

~ Joyce

Wednesday, June 9

Flea Market Sunday!

Flea Market, originally uploaded by monticelloantiques.
If you're looking for a good ole Flea Market this weekend, I know where you'll find one! Monticello is sponsoring a European Flea Market on Sunday, June 13th from 10-5p in the Chevy Store Parking lot across the street from us! All proceeds benefit the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund to end pet overpopulation. Monti's Cafe will also be donating a portion of the proceeds. Darcey, from Monticello, is hosting this event and has been collecting a ton of treasures. It's going to be BIG and the weather will be sunny! Come on out and join us for this good cause. This is one Flea market you don't want to miss!