Thursday, June 30

Stars and Stripes...

We will be closed on the 4th of July but there's plenty of shopping time until then. 




Friday, June 24

Eye Candy & Inspiration

This is a great old motel sign!
If you haven't been in lately, make plans to stop in this weekend.  Lots and lots of new merchandise came in while I was off lolly-gagging in Kansas City last week. 

I'll leave you with some eye candy and inspiration.

Love those suitcases!

Happy 4th of July!
Fantastic 13-drawer rolling industrial cart!
Gotta love the junkology!

Until next time...



Monday, June 13

Is it Summer yet?

                          Looking out yonder...
When will the sunny days come so we can enjoy some of this...

Relaxing on the deck...


Drinking an ice cold beer...

Soaking up some much needed sunshine!

I'm off to Missouri to the 90 degree heat and humidity for Father's Day.  I'll be back next week, hopefully with of few small treasures from the midwest.

See you soon! ~Joyce

Friday, June 10

40 Dealers Unloaded Last Night!!

Last night was dealer night and   O M G, the place is packed full this morning of some of the best stuff I've ever seen!  Rather than try to describe it all, I'll just show you a little bit of  what you'll see when you come in the door.  Enjoy!  ~Joyce

Summer's coming and the salvage garden is overflowing!  Check it out... 

8600 SE Stark Street, Portland Oregon 97216
503 256-8600
Mon~Sat 10-6
Sunday 10-5

Thursday, June 9

We're open until 8:00 tonight!!

Have you ever wondered what goes on after closing during our dealer nights?  Well now is your chance to find out because we're inviting you to shop for one night only during our dealer night tonight until 8:00p.m.!  

Join us for an evening of shopping and get first dibs on all the great treasures as they come in the door! This is your chance to meet and chat with all your favorite dealers who bring in all your favorite things. 

We'll see you tonight!

8600 SE Stark Street, Portland OR 97216
503 256-8600

Sunday, June 5

Stroll through the garden...

The garden room has been transformed once again so come see what's new!  We have beautiful potted plants and a variety of others ready for planting or potting.  We also have a great variety of pots, urns and decorative plant stands. 

We have all your favorite things  for dressing up the deck or the garden.  New things are arriving daily!

Great patio furniture to choose from

Isn't this the sweetest!

 We're open everyday 10-6, Sunday 10-5

8600 SE Stark Street
Portland OR 97216   503 256-8600

See you soon!