Monday, September 30

Our Next BIG Event...

Our Fall Premier Show has come to end and it was fun and fabulous.  A big thank you to our amazing vendors for making this so successful and to our very happy shoppers who bought tons of  great stuff all month long.

And now we begin planning for our next big show, 
the most anticipated one of the year...

Yes, I'm talking about our

It all begins Friday, November 22nd
Mark your calendar now for this event.
It's going to be amazing and you won't want to miss it!


Thursday, September 26

You're Going to Miss it When it's Gone...

Our Fall Premier Show is coming to an end on Sunday, but  
it's restocked and ready to go out with a bang.  If you haven't made it down, this is your last chance.
You'll find savings up to 20% off on lots of great stuff! 

Come on down this weekend and check out all the great displays and cool stuff, we'll have the popcorn ready for you!

We're open everyday at 10:00

8600 SE Stark Street, Portland Oregon
503 256-8600


Monday, September 9

So Many Treasures...

The first weekend of the show has been a whirlwind. 
So many great things went out the door
and so many more great things came in.

Our Fall Premier Show continues through September 29th so come check it out.

In addition to our show, the mall is packed full of great stuff as well.  Take a look...

We're open everyday at 10:00
8600 SE Stark Street
Portland, Oregon 97216

Voted most beautiful mall in Portland!

Saturday, September 7

Fall Premier Show - A Grand Opening!


Opening day was fantastic, thanks to all of our fabulous customers who came out in the rain and got here early.  The doors opened at 8:00 and the buying frenzy began.  We had three registers going as the piles kept growing and growing.  We couldn't have ask for a better turn out.  Thank you Thank you Thank you to our loyal customers and fabulous vendors!

The vendors were in early this morning before we opened restocking like crazy so come see what's new!

It's a beautiful show...

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, September 5


The wait is almost over!
The big show starts tomorrow bright and early at 8:00am.
You know what they say about the early bird!

Everyone has been working so hard to make this a grand show, and grand it is!

Here are just a few sneak peeks.  Also check out our facebook page for more sneak peeks later today!

Vintage Station

 Auntie Joy!

 Today's Country Farm & Frills

Worthy Goods

 Worthy Goods

 My Shabby Roses



 Vintage Nest

 Kindred Roses



 Worthy Goods

 Worthy Goods

Our dealers have been bringing in great stuff all week throughout the mall as well so get here early tomorrow for the best picks!

Don't miss this!

We're located at 
8600 SE Stark Street
Portland Oregon 97216
503 256-8600