Thursday, September 6

FALL PREMIER SHOW...Sneak Peeks...It's Show Time!!

wow wow wow!!!

Are you ready for this...

There is so so much more but this is just a teaser to peak your curiosity.  Everyone brought their "A" game and worked so hard this week.  I'm not going to reveal anymore so you'll just have to be here bright and early tomorrow! 
You're all in for a BIG treat!

To sum it up, this is how I feel...

To have so many great vendors with so much talent and dedication to making Monticello shows the best of the best.  
Thank you all.

Now let's get this show on the road!

See you tomorrow!



molly- See you downtown said...

If anyone is coming from Portland to NC, you can bring me the flower cart.

Sister Patty said...

Oh Joyce... I wish we could make it down there! John has a meeting in Eugene next week and I'm tagging along. I'm going to BEG him to stop by just for a minute.

Yeah right... just a minute... that will be our little secret!

Looks like you have done a PHENOMENAL job again!

Have a GREAT first day tomorrow!!!