Monday, January 23

A Walk Through Monticello

Here are a few things that might catch your eye as you stroll the aisles of Monticello.


This was just a tease to get you in here!  There's so much more to see but you'll just have to come look for yourself!
We have the hardest working dealers around and some of the best in the Pacific Northwest.
They're always bringing it in and keeping it fresh.

Hope you enjoyed a taste of Monticello!
Come visit us soon!



HillHouse said...

so many wonderful vintage pieces!

Ireland said...

Love the images, so many pieces, wish i was there.

Lost bears said...

I wish i were there)))

Gaye Brownie said...

So much fun to shop and see vintage items. They are such a great way to help see and remember what our ancestors had.

MEM said...

Just found your blog--- wonderful that you have REAL antiques! Wish I lived somewhere close by. Minnesota is a little far for a day away. will continue to drop in.