Thursday, December 8

HO HO Oooh!!

So much Christmas inspiration!

Our dealers have been working overtime and it shows all over the mall!  They've been bringing it in as fast as it's selling! There are so many beautiful things in here.  But even if you're not looking for anything, just come in for the inspiration.  You won't leave empty-handed...I guarantee it!

We're open everyday!



ChiPPy-SHaBBy said...

Soooo Wish I could be there!*!*!
Jeanine Burkhardt

Sister Patty said...

If I didn't live in the Seattle area, I would be there EVERY DAY!!! I am sooo serious.

Your photos are wonderful -- but people need to see everything in person!

Anonymous said...

This is all so pretty to look at...Christmas is a time for sharing...thank you...Mel's Designs