Friday, September 5

Fall is in the air at Monticello...

Welcome to ...
Now open through September 28th ...

We're open everyday at 10:00
8600 SE Stark Street, Portland OR 

Where you'll find
Ideas, Ambiance, Inspiration
Great Merchandise


Thursday, September 4

Final Sneak Peeks...See you tomorrow!

Oh my goodness!
The show is looking so amazing!
They're putting on the final touches but here are some final teasers for you.  
This is just a peek and certainly not all of what to expect.  
The doors open at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.  
Have you scheduled your "Dentist" (wink) appointment yet?

Don't miss it!
You're gonna love it!

 Monticello Antique Marketplace
8600 SE Stark Street, Portland OR

Monday, September 1

And so it Begins...With Sneak Peeks

The frenzy has begun with four days to set up for 
The Fall Premier Show 
We have some very unique pieces coming in that you won't see anywhere else!
Not to give too much away but here's a little peek...

Stay tuned for more to come...the doors open at 8:00 am Friday!