Tuesday, August 7

A Little Taste of Monticello...

For those of you who are frequent shoppers, you know when you come in you're going to find something new that wasn't there the week before or even the day before.  Our dealers keep it fresh and restocked almost on a daily basis.  This is just a bit of what you'll see when you visit Monticello...

Dealer: HOYT

Dealer: SINS

Dealer: JBRO

Dealer: NATH

 Dealer: BORN

 Dealer: VSTA

 Dealer: SINS

Dealer: VSTA

 Dealer: FATE

Dealer: FLUR

Stop by and see what else Monticello has to offer.
There's so much more!



kathee said...

Looks amazing as always~wish I was there! Hope you and the Monticello staff are having a wonderful Summer!
Miss you all~xokathee

Vintage Station said...

It's looking great and we are looking forward to the Fall Show!!!