Thursday, November 10

Eye Candy

22 Days and counting...



kathee said...

Hi Joyce, everything is booked! Can't wait to see you!!
Bringing Karyn and another girlfriend!!!


lvroftiques said...

Joyce I'm GA GA over that first concrete cherub! Is it still available? Will it cost my first born? Lol! I'd drive right on down to see ya for that one *winks* Vanna

kathee said...

ok Joyce...I'm coming up on the I can be there first thing in the AM for the show.
I too am gaga over the 1st pic and the statue in the 3rd pic. Can you email me prices...and also do you have any dress forms? (pics if you can) thank you girl!! xoxokathee

Monticello Staff said...

Hey Kathee!

I'll get some pics and prices sent to you. And Vanna, you better be comin too! I don't want any arm wrestling goin on over this cherub!

See you soon! ~Joyce