Monday, May 30

Rebuilding Rome...

Well our Home & Garden show has come to an end and I have to say that it was our best garden show ever. Every year, the talent and creativity gets better and better with every show.  A big THANK YOU and hugs to all of our talented dealers and special guests who made this a huge success.  You're the best! 

Our next show is our Fall Premier Show coming September 9th through October 2nd.  This show is already in the works and I can already tell's going to be F A B U L O U S, featuring new guests and
AWESOME displays.

But don't be sad that the show is over because we're filling the salvage garden area full of your favorite things for your yard & garden and much much more!  There will be a hugh selection of indoor/outdoor plants and shrubs, pots & urns, garden trellis's, arbors, fencing, statuary, indoor/outdoor furniture, architectural salvage and even a new potting shed!  We're rebuilding the garden ("Rome") this weekend so come on in and check out the new look.
Lots of Urns and Patio Furniture to choose from

Indoor/Outdoor Furniture
Now is the time to get the deck ready!
We're open everyday!

See you soon, ~Joyce


trash talk said...

I wanted to come up this summer, but those pesky gas prices keep getting in the way!

kathee said...

Omg I love the urns in the fore front of the 1st picture! how much are they? thank you, kathee
chateau et jardin

Monticello Staff said...

Hi Kathee! The urns are $210 each, but only one left! Thanks for checking! ~Joyce