Monday, July 12

Gone Fishin...

Welcome "Cast n Flies" in the front window!  If you're a hunter and fisherman, you'll love Bob's collection of fishing reels, poles, flies and hooks, duck decoys, and so much more!  Tis the season for camping, hunting and fishing.


bartpear3 said...

Thanks for posting about the window Joyce. It has been fun and we were glad for the opportunity!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I just returned home from visiting Portland, and your mall was one of the high points!

I would have loved to have snapped more pics there, but wasn't sure if you folks go for that sort of thing. That, and I don't just assume that everybody who's anybody knows my blog. ;-)

Anyway, you have a fabulous mall, and I can't wait to pop back in when we come back this December.

All the best,
Fiona & Twig

Tina said...

First time here. I followed the link from Barn House. Really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your images. Lovely.