Sunday, June 8

Antiques Roadshow Trivia...

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the Antiques Roadshow and how they choose which items will air on television? For those of us who love to watch the show, I thought I would share some trivia I recently read about it.

According to one of the appraisers, 99% of the thousands of items appraised before the show are junk! By the time the show airs, we only see a small fraction of what comes in, based on most valuable, the strangest, and what people may think are worth thousands end up being fakes to their dismay.

For most of the participants, this is where dreams die. They've been told their whole life that this is a precious family heirloom, then they find out it's not. It's only worth sentimental value...bummer. If nothing else, this process teaches a lesson about the peril of allowing someone else to determine the value of something you love.

We have had people come to our own "Roadshow" that we host here at Monticello every other month with appraiser Terra Goodman, ISA, and leave disappointed because what they thought was a real antique ended up being a fake or reproduction. Sorry people, their are a lot of fakes and reproductions out there. Before you buy and spend a lot of money, do your homework, do your research, asked questions. Just because it looks like the picture in the book, doesn't mean it's just as valuable.

Do you ever wonder how funiture is selected to be brought in for the show? A photograph is sent in to the local station. If it looks interesting, the station transports it to the show.

Appraisers are not allowed to buy items directly from the people who come to the show. The Roadshow has strict rules about this. The appraisers that appear on the show pay their own expenses for travel, but it's good advertisement for them and their business. Most are professional dealers themselves.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Portland Antiques Roadshow back in 1998 and found out my little homemade dough box was worth $150. I paid $3 for it at a yard sale! It ended up being featured in Cottage Living Magazine.

Happy Hunting Everyone! ..Joyce